Struggles of getting old

Getting old sucks, but eventually we all have to go through it. Some have a harder time than others. In the city of Bell, CA we met Ramiro Rosales, 74, who struggles with taking care of his health and living on a tight budget with the little money he gets from social security. “I regret not eating better and drinking less alcohol,” says Rosales. In a small plastic tool box he carries over 12 prescription medicine bottles to help him control his diabetes and high blood pressure.

The combination of health and money becomes a lot more stressful in older age according to Rosales, who says, “not saving for retirement is something I regret.” Despite not being able to walk more than a few feet, he is grateful he is still alive to see his grandchildren. He is thankful for Medicare, which does a great job of paying for all his medical needs and says a good sense of humor helps him get through his struggles. When asked if he has a message for young people today he says, “don’t neglect your health and blow your money on booze the way I did.”

Ramiro Rosales, 74, poses for a portrait with his old 1960s Army portrait in hand. (Credit: Victor Rosales)
Ramiro sorts and organizes his loose change. Living on social security is his main source of income, which he says isn’t much and is constantly on a tight budget. (Credit: Victor Rosales)
Some of the many prescription pills taken daily to help control Diabetes, high blood pressure and other health complications (Credit:Victor Rosales)
Taking a daily insulin shot to help control the complications of Diabetes (Credit: Victor Rosales)
Picking up his grandson Jeremy, who he babysits daily with his wife (Credit: Victor Rosales)

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